Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to 2017!!

Dear Blog,

I know it's been almost a year since I've been here and I'm sorry but life got in the way. I know, I know. You're going to say "that's not an excuse" but it is and it's real.

Things that happened in 2016:
  • the day job changed
  • I became a mom

But I miss you and hope to make time for you this year.

Kissy kissy,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Accountability Monday

If you live in the Northeast, congratulations on surviving the coldest weekend we've had in a long, long time. According to one report, Boston had the coldest Valentine's Day since the 50s. But! Despite the arctic temperatures there's minimal snow, so I'm pretty happy. Especially since the day job changed their snow day policy to read as "we don't do snow days," the lack of snow is a blessing.

Winter though has done a number on me. I can't get enough sleep. This makes doing things like anything outside of the 9-5 super hard. Unless you count re-binge watching Veronica Mars that is.

How I Did Last Week

Well, last week I had no goals because I forgot to do that. But I can tell you I did nothing. 

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Exhaustion. There are no words for how tired I've been. This weekend alone I slept 21 of 48 hours. That's almost an entire day of sleeping.

My Goals For This Week

  • Bite the bullet and start the really hard revisions. No more procrastinating! 
  • Send out those mass emails for my role as A/V Coordinator for NESCBWI 16.
  • Continue with the 30 day plank challenge. 
  • Stretch goal: Maybe come up with a better blog layout. Maybe.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Accountability Monday

It's February. I'm not sure how this happened because it seems like I just blogged about patience being my focus this year*. Hubby and I have done more adulting in the last two weeks than we've probably done in the 13 years we've been together, but it's all going to be worth it. Our cluttered apartment is becoming a pretty mature looking home bit by bit and hopefully it will clear out my brain enough to be able push through revisions, writing, and all things businessy.

How I Did Last Week

I rewrote the beginning of my new first chapter and then stopped again because the household stuff actually had to take precedence. Hopefully this week it will be different.

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

The adulting again. It really is a two-team effort. Plus, if we didn't continue with The Great Purge of 2016, we wouldn't have found a dozen cat toys hidden under the couch.

My Goals For This Week

  • Complete the new first chapter.
  • Print out paperwork I need for my role as A/V Coordinator for NESCBWI 16.
  • Send out a reminder email to participants of an upcoming workshop at The Writers' Loft.

* Which, BTW, is a major struggle. Patience is not my strong suit at all.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Accountability Monday

To keep myself on task with everything I have to do outside of my day job, I've started Accountability Monday where I'll share my successes and failures from the past week and my goals for the upcoming one. If you too need something to keep yourself honest, feel free to join in.

How I Did Last Week

I managed to complete both of my goals for the week. I did two read throughs for SFLN and wrote about two paragraphs towards my new opening.

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Adulting. Hubby and I for Christmas decided we were getting a new couch and kitchen table, which we did purchase. They will be here by March. (Hooray!) But with the new purchase coming means we have a deadline to make sure we have room for the larger couch. So there was a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend.

My Goals for the Week

Continue to work on this new first chapter.

Even though I'm not happy with my writing progress, I am loving our almost 100% organized and clean kitchen. We finally got rid of all the plastic storage we've been using since our twenties.

Of course we didn't figure in The White One when we purchased our new storage furniture. I'm pretty sure he'll be *in* our furniture by week's end.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Accountability Monday

Just because I said my focus this year is patience, doesn't mean I can skip through the weeks without any weekly plan. I tried that in December and all I accomplished was playing lots of Candy Crush. So, I'll continue with the weekly goals.

Just not as militant.

For the upcoming week, I'm keeping my goals simplistic. They are:

  • Complete another read through of SFLN.
  • Begin drafting SFLN's new first chapter.

Hope your goals and plans are going great!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Patience is Key

Welcome to 2016!

If you know me, you know me and resolutions aren't really friends. Probably because I don't know how to make realistic or effective resolutions. They are always like "drop three pants sizes" or "publish all the things" which is great, if I actually took circumstance into account when I make them.

This is why I'm changing the way I approach resolutions this year. I'm not creating a list. I'm not creating a goal or goals. Nope. This year I'm only focusing on one word: patience. With Hubby's health, with my writing journey, with the day job--everything. I'm the type of girl who likes to be three steps ahead all the time and when I'm not, my anxiety grows. And over 2015 my anxiety knew no bounds. If I can take a seat back and just breathe, things will fall into place.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Accountability Monday

To keep myself on task with everything I have to do outside of my day job, I've started Accountability Monday where I'll share my successes and failures from the past week and my goals for the upcoming one. If you too need something to keep yourself honest, feel free to join in.

November is over. Or it will be tomorrow. I can't even think of words because all the words were used during NaNoWriMo. But, I can officially put up my tacky Christmas decorations now. So, YES to that.

How I Did Last Week

  • Write about 10K more on The SNI. Success! I've written over 18K this week.
  • Leave the house by 5.30 during the week. Meh. Kinda sorta happened. Most days.
  • Continue to take the stairs at work. Success!

My Goals for This Week

  • Complete The SNI draft at about 80K
  • Read all the things.
  • Walk up the stairs at work

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Hubby's birthday was this past weekend so I figured I wouldn't get any writing in, but Hubby being Hubby made sure I did.

Something I Love About My WIP

That as Present Alicia, I don't need to worry about how much of a mess this draft is.

Random Factoid of the Week

Apparently Boston has a large population of Australians. Large enough that we need to have 2 Australian meat pie shops.

How's your fall going? Getting lots of stuff done? Share below and then stop by Pam and Quita's blog!
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